Tuesday, July 15, 2008

and the excitment continues

So now that we are moved out of the new place we now are getting the new house together, and I am finding out the joys of owning your own home.
Our dishwasher sprung a leak last night and spilt water all over our kitchen but luckily it will be covered by the home warranty, the previous owners had not done any yard work in about 5 years so I hired a guy and his brother to rake, mow, and trim trees in our yard (a 1/2 acre w/ about 15 150ft pine trees) this took them a couple of days but we got a good deal, and we also had a barn built it is a 10X10 with a loft and a 10ft ceiling, this will give us our much needed storage considering we don't have a garage, and of course Wendy got it 70% off!
Needless to say things are plugging along and we can't wait to come in town for the baptism

On another note if you could keep Mimi Porter in your prayers, her brother, Uncle Bob (86), passed away last weekend when his car overturned in the lake. This has been a hard year for the family so please keep them in your prayers.

I hope everyone is doing well, until next time

Friday, July 11, 2008

STATUS: Job complete

Well, 1526 Stovall St. is officially a distant memory....THANK GOD! that really sucked, and for those of you that know how much stuff we have I am sure you can understand my relief, Although we are not unpacked at least now we can focus on our new house 100%, so that is a little exciting, but the main thing consuming my thoughts right now is our upcoming visit to Dallas, and my impending 30th b-day, which my beautiful wife reminded me was only 2 weeks away. So I guess this means I have to start acting like an adult now......

Well I just wanted write a quick note while I had some time, I sent out an e-mail with our address and new phone number on it, if you did not get it put in a comment on the blog and I will send it to you
until next time

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We are just about complete

I know it has been a few days since I have updated the blog but we have been crazy busy, Melanie came back in town on Sunday night and has helped us finish up the move, her and Wendy are cleaning the old house as I write this post, it is acctually like a break going to work when you are in a move. Other than all of the craziness we are still in love with the house and will have an enormous amount of pictures for you when we come home on the 18th, speaking of coming home, I can't begin to say how excited I am about coming home, not only to see my new niece but to see everyone else, it seems like forever since we have been back, so I am looking forward to a great visit.
I wish had other things to report but our life right now is consumed with moving so that seems to be the only topic to speak of, but all of the heavy lifting is preping my body for a trip to the beach so I am going to try and talk Wendy into a weekend trip to the beach just to relax and get away from the maddness before the end of the summer. I hope this post finds everyone well and can't wait to come home.

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