Friday, June 26, 2009

Long time, no update!

Well, we are major slackers on updating the blog! We've been busy opening up Wendy's antique booth (part of her business - "Three Little Monkeys, LLC" which used to be Ivy Allison's business). Wendy wanted to continue Ivy's legacy and well, she is doing just that by working out of the house. It's definately a work in progress but right now we're working on getting her own "shop" in a popular shopping center in North Augusta. But for now, we're keeping the antique booth and working out of the house for everything else.

Here's a link to a slideshow of pics we took showing the progress of the booth from start to finish. Click here :

We think it looks great (but we'd love to hear what you think) and sales are doing really well so far - selling lots, much more than we thought we would with this economy.

Wendy's also been busy with wedding programs and other custom stationary orders. A few interior design consults as well. She does as much as she can given her health condition. And on that note, her most recent tests were EMG's on her hands, feet, wrists, legs, back, neck.....EVERYWHERE! to determine just how much nerve damage there is and they showed something new to add the the list! Carpel tunnel in her hands and severe nerve damage on the left side of her body, concentrated in the lower back region. The nerve damage wasn't a surprise cuz we knew about the L5 ridiculopathy which goes along with that.

Anyhow... Brian is back to work since his emergency appendectomy in April. He actually switched positions at the fort. He's now working in operations at troop command. Sort of a promotion but they don't technically call it a promotion in the army (they're weird like that!). But speaking of promotions, Brian is going to the board in July for another promotion to Staff Sgt. We're very excited as this is a huge step from Sgt. to Staff Sgt.!! And we're movin on the top.... Tee-hee... I'm such a proud wife! I love my soldier.

We'll try to be better about posting more often.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, we've had an interesting start to the New Year. Wendy's father, Dr. Henry Staggs passed away on January 5, 2009 in Nashville, TN. Wendy and I were right by his side in the hospital room, holding his hands as his spirit left this Earth to be with his creator in heaven. He now is with his parents, brother, and first daughter (Wendy's sister) Ivy Allison. Please keep us in your prayers that Wendy can find strength and be comforted during this time of grief. You can click here - to see a slideshow we created for her dad's memorial service. It's a great tribute to his life.

Wendy was also diagnosed with lupus in addition to her back problems. She will begin treatment next week. Hopefully things will start to look up for us soon, but I know how strong prayer is so please, please keep the prayers coming!

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