Friday, January 24, 2014

So it has been way too long since we have updated this blog, and a lot has happened since 2009.  Two major things the birth of our son Jack who will be turning 3 in a few weeks and our daughter Kate now 18 months.  We have moved from Fort Gordon, GA to Fort Benning, GA which is located in a dumpy little town called Columbus which we cant wait to get out of. 

Since our last entry into this blog, I have been promoted to Staff Sergeant and looking forward to hopefully being promoted to Sergeant First Class soon.  I am currently the Medical Platoon Sergeant for 3rd Squadron 1st Calvary 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division, and it has come to be the most difficult and rewarding job I have ever had. 

Wendy is working hard taking care of our two beautiful children, with a special emphasis on our son.  Jack has been dealing with some significant health issue's related to his kidneys and we are hoping the army will move us to Fort Sam Houston, TX so that our baby bot will have immediate access to the medical care he needs.  However, considering he is only 3, he is not aware he has any sort of problem and is a very happy. active, and extremely intelligent little boy. (I am not biased at all)

Our daughter Kate is healthy as a horse, as ornery as her father but blessed with her mother's good looks.  At 18 months she is in to everything and beginning to talk.  She continues to amaze and entertain  me on a daily basis.

Our heard of cats has dwindled from four to two.  Mamamel took "bear" when we moved and affectionately renamed him "Paddywhack". Paddywhack enjoyed his new home for a few years before he unfortunately came up missing and never returned.  Our other cat Roscoe passed away shortly after we moved to Fort Bennning .  We now have two Lil man, and squirt..

I am going to try to do weekly updates to this blog, mostly for us so that we have a journal of sorts for our family memories, but if you are reading this I hope you enjoy hearing me brag about my family as much as I do

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