Friday, June 20, 2008

The first blog

As most of you know when it comes to grammar and spelling I tend to fall short, but because this is my blog you will just have to deal with it, although I am sure Wendy will come back through and edit it for me. This is my first ever blog so I thought I would start with the most recent news in our lives.....WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! Yes someone decided to give me a loan and it was a real bank too, but I am not going to question it because I just signed all the paperwork so Wendy and I are now officially home owners...pretty exciting, so for all of you who are reading this blog it is time to come an visit beautiful South Carolina, trust me it is a very pretty town with a good amount of stuff to do (Augusta National is only 3 miles away) I am going to be posting pictures tonight but here is a link to a slide show Wendy made when we first looked at the house

We also just got a new car, I know I know the army pays really well, actually it was more of a necessity because our AC went out when it was 100+ degrees outside, Wendy just had back surgery and the recovery is taking a little longer than expected but keep your fingers crossed that they fixed the problem so that we can move past these back issues. The cats are doing fine and fat, although the new addition is costing us a little money because he keeps getting himself caught in places his fat body can't fit ( I will be posting pics of them as well)

Mamamel is coming to visit on Tuesday and to help with the move so if any one from the Cummings side feels the need to follow suit (Mom and Dad you have already volunteered so you are off the hook) please feel free to come whenever you please we will be using the 2 1/2 weeks we have left in our current place to move stuff than of course as you know comes the decorating. I don't have to much more to add right now but as more happen the more I will write.

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  1. Great idea about the blog to stay in touch.

    Congratulations on the house, it is lovely! The setting is really nice.

    We helped Marie and Steve move into their new house last weekend.

    The week before that we helped Chrissy move into her apartment. She graduated from college,but entered grad school right away.

    Heard you have a new niece. Have you seen her yet?

    Hope your back feels better Wendy, don't lift any boxes, leave that to Brian
    Love Diane


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